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Dreaming in a Virtual World

As we all adjust to a new normal where much of our learning is happening online, we at DreamGirls are committed to providing the same high-energy programming that our live events are known for.  We have spent the last few months developing new options that will be sure to inspire and engage our participants.  Because now more than ever, our dreams need doing!

Virtual Dream Day

March 20, 2021 multiple locations

This one-day workshop will feature five live presenters coming to you virtually. They will be showcasing their exciting STEM careers and leading you through hands-on activities similar to what they do every day.  Materials will be provided and will need to be picked up in advance.  Registration is free! 

Who: Girls 11-14 

Where: Across the country simultaneously

When: Saturday in March 20, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm  to 4:00 p.m. EST

Available Locations:

Newton, NJ

Princeton, NJ

Reading, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Cincinnati, OH

Toledo, OH

Ann Arbor, MI

Storrs, CT

College Station, TX (April 2021)


If you would like to register and have not received a registration link, please email  Be sure to list your city location!

Coding Workshop with Verizon


During this virtual workshop, participants will "meet" four amazing Verizon employees who ensure we have cell service where we need it and that our data is safe.  Each participant will receive a Kano Coding Computer to explore how computing works, how to code using various apps, and the importance of cybersecurity.  They will get to keep these computers to continue developing their skills in computer science.  This workshop is reserved for communities that demonstrate a need (documentation required).  



Who: Girls 11-14 

Where: Any underserved community 

When: Determined by the community

Duration: Four 1-hour sessions with resources to learn more coding

Bringing Beverages to Market with Coca Cola


Through this 6-part series, explore the range of careers offered in the beverage industry.  From new beverage concept to packaging, from sustainability to touchless dispensing, from sourcing ingredients responsibly to  trademark protection, STEM careers make a difference at Coca Cola !


Our friends at Coca Cola  say it best: "At Coca-Cola, our purpose is not only to Refresh the World but also to Make a Difference. From supporting STEM programs in our communities to providing exposure to Coca-Cola STEM careers, our passionate STEM volunteers seek to engage, excite, and empower the next generation of STEM enthusiasts and professionals.”



Who: Girls 11-14 in groups of 25

Where: Any community 

When: Determined by the community

Duration: Six1-hour sessions

STEM logo.png

Tell us what you're interested in and find out how to participate by filling out this brief survey: 

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